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Commercial Swimming Pool Inspections


Here Comes The Periodic Inspection of Public Swimming Pools

On December 11, 1998, Governor Christie Todd Whitman signed into law P.L. 1998,C,137 which requires the periodic inspection of swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs on any property other than one or two family residential property.  This law also provides that no facility may be opened until a valid 'bonding and grounding' certificate and electrical certificate of compliance are issued.  These provisions are intended to ensure the life safety of workers at and users of such facility.  The effective date is February 9, 1999.

The required bonding and grounding certificate must verify the continuity and integrity of the bonding and grounding system of the pool.  The electrical certificate of compliance must verify that all wiring located in or about the pool pump and associated electrical equipment complies with the electrical subcode.

The bonding and grounding certificate is required to be issued by a recognized electrical testing agency and is valid for five years from the date of  issuance.  The electrical certification of compliance is required to be issued annually by the enforcing agency upon completion of a satisfactory inspection of the facility and payment of a fee established by the enforcing agency's administrative costs. 

-From the Construction Code Communicator, Winter 1998


High Energy Electrical Testing, Inc. has been performing just this type of pool testing for local communities for the past four years.  With this new law in effect in New Jersey, all commercial pools, spas and hot tubs must be tested and issued a valid bonding and grounding certificate or they will not be permitted to open.  Our highly trained staff includes NETA certified technicians, licensed New Jersey Electrical Contractors  and trained journeymen.  All of the test equipment used is fully calibrated and traceable to NIST standards.  Don't be caught unprepared this May.  Call High Energy now for your testing needs and required certifications.

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